Future development ideas


Typically, docassemble development proceeds based on what features users request. If you would like to see a feature in docassemble, ask about it in the #questions channel on Slack.

Some ideas for future development in 2020 include:

  • A React-based front end; and
  • Integration with Zapier


If you would like to contribute development resources to the project, the top priorities are:

  • Add-on modules that make it easy to access third party services from a docassemble interview. Examples of such add-on modules include the Docusign integration and the Spot API integration. Ideally these add-ons will do more than simply provide a Python interface to an API, but will also integrate with docassemble objects.
  • Add-on modules for electronic case filing in court systems, such as the Tyler Technologies e-filing API.
  • An add-on module for integration with Ethereum (or something similar) for storing persistent data. It could be useful if data gathered during an interview could be stored on the blockchain instead of on a docassemble server; the end-user would then own the data and be able to retrieve it later using a key.
  • A multi-mode syntax highlighter for CodeMirror that recognizes YAML as YAML but recogizes Python when it is embedded in YAML (typically, as the value associated with the key code in a dictionary. The highlighter could also colorize Mako templating inside of block text.
  • A similar multi-mode syntax highlighter for commonly used text editors
  • Providing development support to important dependency packages like python-docx-template, docx, and pattern.
  • A Microsoft Word add-in that provides Jinja2 linting and/or syntax highlighting.