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Documentation of docassemble

This documentation is intended more as a reference guide than as a manual that you have to read before getting started.

The best way to learn about docassemble is to start creating your own interview. There is a “Hello, world” tutorial that explains how to create a simple interview. Once you get that working, you can experiment with adding more questions to it.

The best way to learn about more advanced docassemble features is to study working examples. The sections of this documentation site contain a number of side-by-side examples comparing source code to screenshots. You can click on the screenshots to run the interviews. The code next to the screenshots is often only an excerpt of the full interview. To see the full source code of the interview, hover over the source code and click the button that appears in the lower right corner. In addition, while you are developing interviews in the Playground, you can browse working examples of many of docassemble’s features.

There is also a full-featured sample interview linked from the demonstration page. The full source code of that interview is available on the demonstration page. While you are using the interview you can click “Source” in the navigation bar to toggle display of the source code for the question and an explanation of the path docassemble took to decide to ask that question.

Table of Contents

For a narrative version of the sections of the documentation, see the Overview.