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How to Deploy

Since docassemble is a web application, for many people the hardest part about using it is figuring out how to deploy it on the internet.

The easiest way to deploy docassemble is to use Docassemble Toolkit, a hosting and support service provided by Community.lawyer, a Public Benefit Corporation based in Brookyln, New York. Community.lawyer also offers Law Guides, an app-creation service powered by docassemble.

If you want to deploy docassemble yourself, the easiest way is to install it using Docker on whatever machine you wish to use. Docker works on laptop computers as well as on virtual machines in the cloud (or clusters of them). If you want very fine-grained control, you can install it without using Docker.

Since docassemble is free software, there are no fees for using it, but hosting a server on the internet will cost money (between $10 and $300 per month depending on what your performance, availability, and support needs are).

Another way to deploy docassemble interviews is by using HelpSelf Legal, a service that allows you to create docassemble interviews without writing code directly.