A demonstration of docassemble

You can run a simple demonstration to see docassemble in action.

Run the demo

Note that the example interview is not intended to make logical sense as an interview (in fact it is rather silly); it is simply intended to demonstrate the features of docassemble.

The interface is based on Bootstrap, which is both mobile-friendly and desktop-friendly. Try it out on a mobile device.

While you are using the demonstration, you can click “Source” to see the YAML source code that generated the question, along with a review of the conditions that led to the question being asked. You can learn a lot about how to do things in docassemble by clicking “Source” and comparing the YAML source to the end result. The “Source” tab is only available because the demo server is configured as a development server (by setting debug: True in the configuration file). End users will not see a “Source” tab.

The two documents are generated from Markdown templates that are written in the YAML, but docassemble also supports generating documents from Microsoft Word templates.

The full source code for the interview is available in the questions.yml file. This file incorporates by reference the basic-questions.yml file, where much of the interview’s functionality is defined.

To see other functionality of docassemble, you can explore the documentation. Whenever there is a side-by-side example of code and a screenshot, you can click the screenshot to run the example interview.